Whether you are a telecommunications carrier, ISP, or reseller, our leading wholesale products and services are available to resell to end-users under a wholesale service agreement. Also a dedicated team of specialists focused on your wholesale needs.
Our wholesale product range provides the solutions and the global reach you need, all on one of the world's largest and most reliable IP backbone networks.
Our Carrier wholesale group in involved in the following product lines:

    •  Termination A-Z (Buy & Sell), Origination/DID/Toll Free Services, Virtual PRI.
    •  Sip trunk for MS Lync/Avaya/Nortel/Cisco/Asterisk, TCP/TLS/SRTP, Call Center Secure Connection.
    •  Hosted PBX, Dialer Traffic, Failover Routing, LCR, Geo Redundancy Architecture.
    •  Wholesale VoIP, SIP/H323/IAX/MGCP, Port Mapping, Surrogate Registration.

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