AcePacket Managed Web hosting services to enterprises of all sizes. We supply all the servers, software, bandwidth and management needed to run almost any hosted application - from Internet to enterprise.
Get your customers' Websites up and running fast! With powerful webhosting solutions from AcePacket, you'll be creating domain names, fully functional websites and ecommerce solutions in just minutes.
Whether you need a dynamic, database-driven web site, an e-commerce web site, or a simple brochure web site, we have the creative talent and technical expertise to accommodate your company's web development needs.
Web Hosting  
         Monthly $9.99
         Yearly: Free Domain Name $84.99
         2 Years: Free Domain Name $139.99
Web Space 50MB
Monthly Transfer Limit 10GB
Mailboxes 10 POP3
FTP Servives  
         One user account and 1GB Space $19.99/m

Website Development  
         Up to 5 Regular/static Pages $150
         For additional Regular/Static Pages $25/Page
         With Flash Top & First Page From $100/Page
         Forms OR Database interaction From $65/Page
         E-commerce & Online Shopping From $150/Page

Dedicated Servers  
    Linux Servers
         Linux Server1 (10 GB Space, 25 Domains) $39.99/m
         Linux Server2 (80 GB Space, 100 Domains) $89.99/m
         Linux Server3 (160 GB Space, Unlimited) $119.99/m
    Windows Servers
         Windows Server1 (500 GB Space) $229.99/m
         Windows Server2 (1000 GB Space) $329.99/m
         Windows Server3 (1500 GB Space) $429.99/m

* Price is subject to change at any time.
* 10% discount on web hosting, if we develop your website.

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