VoIP industry is fast augmenting and hence it assures a definite hike in the revenue generation to any organisation that steps into this field. iCallGlobe furnishes its clients with numerous hosted VoIP solutions that serve as a ready to use platform, enabling you to start your VoIP call termination service easily and without making a large investment.
VoIP Services

Callback Services: Join hands with us to offer one of the most contemporary mode of communication. Easily manage and generate PINS while keeping a tab on your business through our online billing portal. Call back services can prove to be a pot of gold for your organisation!

Calling Card Platform: Join the calling card revolution by leveraging on our calling card launching base and get the benefit of easy and hassle free activation, add multifarious value added services and much more!

IP PBX Solution: Make inter office and intra office calls at running cost thereby increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of your organisation. In addition to this you can also control per employee usage through our customised reports. This and more at unmatched prices!

Managed NOC Services: Let our experienced, technically skilled and highly motivated technical personnel take care of you oryour clients, 24x7x365!

•  The benefits of VoIP solutions are more than one. A small increase in Internet data bandwidth is all that it takes for the corporates to make the most of these high-end solutions. Several additional features are a part of the business VoIP solutions which are available at no extra costs. The business users are able to add more lines depending on their specific needs with the VoIP providers helping them in all ways possible.

•  Our VoIP solutions are among the best in the industry and the potential users can make the most of our specially designed solutions for contact centers, ISPs and corporates. We are the carrier's carrier and endeavor to offer the best support to all our clients.

•  The VoIP calling plans and solutions are among the best in the industry; business users can reduce their expenditures to a significant extent through these solutions. We believe that the network infrastructure is essential for making the most of our VoIP solutions and services. We assist our clients in delivering a high quality of calls to their customers and clients with echo, noise, and network latency being kept at the minimum. With one of our VoIP solutions, the business users can be sure of keeping their customers happy and satisfied.

•  Our VoIP IP PBX solutions, for instance, can be assimilated seamlessly with the PSTN lines, thereby making calls that much more easy. More and more corporate clients are realizing that the services of VoIP service providers combined with high-end VoIP solutions can spell a lot of success for their businesses. Consequently, they are opting for our high-end VoIP services and solutions. The VoIP solutions are periodically updated with the changes in technology; this ensures that the end users and the clients are in no way compromised.

•  The costs of our reseller programs, VoIP services, and VoIP solutions are affordable, which make them even more relevant for many clients. As a matter of fact, we ensure that the margins for the resellers are among the best in this sector.

Join us on the road to success with our extensive range of hosted VoIP Solutions!
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