AcePacket Unlimited outgoing calls from your cellphone or home phone using the AcePacket's Callback service, helps to eliminate your outgoing call per minute charges, giving you unlimited calling.
Callback service extends your unlimited incoming calls plan to unlimited outgoing calls.
You can enjoy an unlimited calling anytime, giving you more minutes.
Call Back  
For cell phone users with unlimited incoming plan - You will dial the provided access number, you will receive a busy tone, hang-up as soon as you hear the busy signal and wait for the call back. Once you receive the call back, answer it and you will receive a dial tone, enter the phone number that you wish to call. Wait for AcePacket to connect the call for you. Now it is an incoming call for you and the party that you wish to call. (NOTE: DO NOT PRESS THE SEND OR # KEY OF YOUR CELL PHONE AFTER YOU DIAL THE NUMBER THAT YOU WISH TO CALL).
         Unlimited North America $12.99/m
         Unlimited N.A and 36 Countries(only Landlines) $22.99

Calling Card  
Making a phone call to your relatives is an important part of our daily lives. With the world going global our relatives and we are staying at diverse places. Thus, it makes absolutely necessary to have a calling card. It is a prepaid card that makes national and international calls easy.
        Vary rates, Please see rate calling card.
•  You will enjoy the same low rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
•  Detailed listing of all calls.
•  Economical way to stay in touch with your family and freinds all around the world.

Virtual Office  
For a better image and an increased level of professionalism for your growing business, AcePacket offers you the IVR and Call Attendant professional live recording service.
AcePacket can help you create customized and compelling main and individual phone extension greetings for your business' virtual phone service.
         Auto Attendant $23.99/m
         Live Receptionist $169.99/m
•  A Local Telephone number with 3 extensions
•  Day-n-Night Greetings
•  Find Me-Follow Me
•  Call Routing and Call Screening
•  Voice Mail
•  Virtual Office will call you to deliver messages
•  Voice messages delivered to your email
•  Receive 2 calls simultaneously

Hosted SBC  
AcePacket Hosted SBC resolve the peering , quality of service and capacity. It supports B2BUA and Stateful Proxy, provides protocol Interoperability and Media Trasparency, support Sip and H.323.
AcePacket SBC support three main areas of networks: Residential, Carrier to Carrier and Enterprise.

The advantage of a AcePacket Hosted SBC is that small companies can enter the VOIP environment without having to buy specific Session Border Cotroller hardware like Nextone. It's much more cost-effective because this is a monthly per-user cost, with no up-front any hardware purchase necessary. The cost will be about $100 to $150 a month per user. Also it can be purchased and installed in your servers and no worry to have more users.

Hosted PBX  
Every business wants to serve its customers efficiently via phone and e-mail. AcePacket's Hosted PBX makes it simple and affordable to do-while enhancing your brand and your productivity. You get features like:
•  A multi-line phone system
•  Phone extensions and voice mail for each employee
•  Integrated e-mail and instant messaging, and much more
AcePacket's Hosted PBX is a more feature-rich, affordable and flexible alternative to services provided by traditional telcos.
With AcePacket, you'll slash charges for long-distance calls while enjoying all the benefits of a sophisticated business phone system, with:
Big-business phone features-Whether you have 1 employee or 100, the AcePacket hosted PBX provides you with business communication features that every business needs.
No costly rewiring-AcePacket's Hosted PBX operates on top of your existing network wiring, eliminating the need to run two different sets of wires to each desk.
Low start-up fees-With AcePacket, there's no need to pay for an expensive PBX or Key System; you simply purchase or lease a phone and software-based services for a low fee.
Easy configuration-hanging offices? Setting up a new line? Just plug in your VOIP phones and go. Want to add new features? AcePacket uploads them to your Hosted PBX service immediately.
Choose AcePacket's hosted PBX and enjoy more flexibility than any traditional phone system can offer, whether you're working at home, around town, or around the world.

Voice Broadcast - Dialer  
Outbound voice broadcasting and voice mail broadcast allows you to instantly send hundreds or even thousands of interactive phone calls with ease while managing the entire process right from the Web. Instantly send alerts, notifications, reminders, product updates, or surveys with ease right from the Web. With your account ,you can record and store your messages, manage your call lists. AcePacket's voice broadcast - Dialer is great for beginners and seasoned professionals.
        Pay only 10 cents/line for 60 seconds message deliverable to N.A (Extra charges for other countries)

* Price is subject to change at any time.
* The price is base on one line.
* Flat rate Follow-Me includes all calls to US and Canadian.

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